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From your first consultation to monitoring your system our mission is simple: to make going solar easy. We match you with the right $0 Upfront Solar Financing Solution, and the best local installer.
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The Go Solar Power Advantages

  • Turn Key Installation

    We provide the highest quality equipment, performance guarantees, a full energy efficiency kit, our proprietary system monitoring app, and more.

  • No Payments for 6 Months

    Go Solar Oiwer is invested in growing the clean energy movement in all counties across Florida. We can cover up to the first 6 months of your solar loan payment.

  • Top Notch Customer Service

    We have a full solar concierge team to offer the best customer service in the solar industry along with a mobile application to monitor the system and submit referrals.

  • Customized Solar Design

    We utilize revolutionary software to assess a home’s solar needs based upon a client’s energy usage. This allows clients to visualize their homes powered by solar energy.

  • Solar Savings Plan

    Our solar team uses unique methodology to showcase your energy savings, expected home appreciation, environmental benefits, financing options, and more.

  • Locked In Rate

    While electric companies continue to increase their rates, you secure long-term savings by investing in sustainable energy


Energy Efficiency

Reduce your energy consumption utilizing Energy Efficiency techniques and tools such as LED replacements, Variable Speed pool pump motors, Variable Speed garage fans, Window Tinting, upgraded Air Conditioners.

Solar System

Produce your own energy with a customized Solar System to meet your building needs. The Solar System will generate Direct Current (DC) from the Solar panels then convert to Alternating Current (AC) at the Inverter in order to power your building.


Utilize a commercial battery system to store your solar power during the day to utilize during high demand/ high peak times of the day. The battery will also be your source for back up power in the event of a hurricane or power outage.

Power Professionals

Let Go Solar Power Provide an Energy Efficiency, Solar & Storage Program for your Building

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Family Owned & Operated

Fully Licensed and Insured
Generate clean energy at a low price versus buying dirty power at a high price.

Go Green with Go Solar Power

The Go Solar team has a full office of Solar Specialists eager to answer questions, educate homeowners and committed to providing the best solar power options available to meet your needs.

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