The Solar Simplified Process

Our dedicated Go Solar Power installation pros have the experience needed to provide you with high quality solar power installation services you can depend on. Affordable solar solutions with attractive finance options available, coupled with our experienced, friendly team, you can depend on Go Solar Power to provide superior quality and results.

Initial Consultation


System Design & Agreement


Pre-Visit Procurement & Pre-Install Site Visit


Structural Planning






Final Inspection


Interconnection & System Activation



Initial Consultation

Are there tax incentives from the state of Florida?

The sunshine state has the third best physical and geographic conditions for solar energy production, yet the policies in Tallahassee has Florida ranked 17th in the country for solar energy capacity. Florida does not have a renewable energy portfolio standard, which drives renewable energy investments in other states.  You do benefit from the 30% tax credit from the federal government (Please see “Savings” section for more information on the 30% tax credit).

Will I still receive an electric bill from my utility company?

The state of Florida mandates that you must be connected to the electrical grid even if you are producing your own clean, renewable energy through your customized solar solution.  Depending on the utility company (co-operatives tend to be more expensive), you could be charged $9-30 a month for the metering fee required to keep you connected to the grid.

What is net metering?

Net metering is a way of measuring the difference you buy from your utility and the electricity your home solar system produces.  Under net metering, any surplus energy produced by your home solar system is delivered back onto the grid and to your utility provider, which turns your bi-directional meter backwards. When the system produces more electricity than your home consumes, the utility may credit your account for the surplus energy generated.  Consider it to be like a debit account for your home energy needs, these credits will power your home at night when your system is not producing electricity from the sun. Please refer to the “Net Metering” graphic in your welcome packet for more information.


How does the financing work? What is the billing schedule?

We utilize Dividend Solar, a customer-focused lending platform, that provides $0 down financing with a low fixed interest rate, without putting a lien on the home like some other solar lenders.  The solar system is marked as collateral in case one defaults on the loan, and there is no out-of-pocket costs prior to your first loan payment. You will never be charged until your system is installed and operational, and there is a 30-day grace period from the loan signing in which all interest owed is forgiven.  If there is a significant delay in your installation, Go Solar Program and Dividend Solar will work together to expedite the process and you will not be charged until your system is up and running.  Please visit the “Dividend Solar FAQ’s” page for additional details ( or contact them directly at (415) 805-7000.  If you’re credit score, credit activity, debt-to-income ratio, and other requirements prevent you from getting qualified by Dividend Solar, we have several other financing options at our disposal that could be better suited to your particular situation.  Please inquire with your solar specialist for additional financing options and information.

System Design & Agreement

How was the system designed?

The system is designed based on your ANNUAL KwH usage.  Weather and seasonal changes can impact both your solar system’s production and your individual consumption needs, so the cost savings could not be as apparent in the short term.  After your first year of usage, you will see the long term savings of producing your own solar energy for your home. The system design process also incorporates the impact of directional and structural roof positions, tree shading, and the current energy efficiency status of your home.

Why can’t I reach 100% solar energy?

This can be caused by a variety of factors.  The shading by trees, directional and structural components of the roof, and the loan amount can all impact the size of your solar system and its production.  We aim to design a system will produce 90% of your reported usage needs while customizing an energy efficiency kit to reduce your energy consumption 10%, culminating in a 100% energy “makeover” for your home.  Please inquire with your solar specialist about the specific details of your individual situation.

Who is responsible for warranties?

The “25 Year Solar Performance Warranty” and the “20 Year Extended Warranty” are both through the product manufacturers. The “10 Year Workmanship Warranty on the Solar System” and the “5 Year Roof Warranty” where the panels are installed are serviced through Go Solar Program.

Why do I need a million dollar insurance policy?

Florida utility companies require a one million dollar insurance policy for solar systems over 10Kw (Tier 2).  Please inquire with your homeowners insurance provider about this policy, or we can connect you with our insurance partners to assist you.


Previsit Procurement & Pre-Install Site Visit

Why is there so much paperwork involved, I thought you were taking care of this?

Your county of residence require permit applications, interconnection agreements, a Notice of Commencement, as well as some additional document depending on where you live.  Some of these require your notarization, we ask that you work with us as teammates to ensure a smooth and quick process through your immediate attention with these documents and responsiveness with our communications.


When does the install team come?  Do I need to be there?

Our installation team works during normal business hours (M-F, 8am-5pm), and your presence is not required at this point in the process.  

Structural Planning

I already signed the agreement, why is there more planning?

Our structural and electrical engineers verify the accuracy of the proposal production matches the findings from the site visit, and then we design your project plans.  Unanticipated tree coverage, roof damage, and other variables can affect the timeframe of this stage, please be patient with the process so we can provide the highest level of precision and accuracy.


Why is the permitting process taking longer than expected?

Our permitting team works diligently to make the permitting process as seamless as possible through constant communication and collaboration with the various county permitting departments, we are first and foremost advocates on your behalf. However, a state-wide statute allows permitting departments to take up to 30 days to respond from the day of permit submission and if there is an issue, it could take another 30 days once resubmitting.  Furthermore, each individual county department has different parameters, processes, and systems in place which can influence the scheduling of the installation process. There will be certain documentation and requirements on your end that will need to be provided to acquire the required permits, we ask that you work with us as teammates to accomplish the necessary steps in your county needed to Go Solar!



When Does the Installation Team Come?  What is the Procedure?

After working together to submit all the required permits for your county, our concierge team will contact you the week before the intended date of installation to give you a rundown of what to expect.  There will be a follow-up email to confirm the date as well as a call from our concierge team on the intended day of installation. The installation team will also give you a call the day of to let you know when they will be arriving. Upon the completion of the installation, our concierge team will follow up once more to speak with you about the interconnection procedures, signing the Certificate of Completion (COC), and to answer any additional questions you may have.

Final Inspection

How long does it take and who is in charge of this?

Your county’s building department will be in charge of the final inspection, and each county has their own requirements, processes, and time frames.  We at Go Solar Program advocate for your timely completion and do our best to move the process along as fast as possible. Please be patient and understand that this inspection is at the discretion of your county’s building department, their schedule, and respective processes.

Interconnection & System Activation

Who does this? What is my responsibility as the homeowner?

Once your County Inspector(s) approve the system, your utility company has 30 calendar days to switch your electric meter with its solar replacement, the bi-directional meter.  We always advocate on your behalf and do our best to ensure constant communication with the utility company. However, please be aware that similar to county departments, we have no way to tangibly impact the time frame.  Please work with us as teammates to check in with your utility company to ensure completion as quickly as possible.

What does it mean to activate the system?

When your bi-directional meter is installed by the utility company, flip up the red switch next to your meter and you’re up and running!  (Note: Make sure your inverter remains turned off before your bi-directional meter is installed)

What happens to my solar system during a power outage?

Your system will automatically shut down. Safety requirements prohibit the system from producing electricity during a power outage or blackout, because there is a chance that the system could feed electricity into the electric grid while utility workers are accessing the grid. The system will restart automatically when power is restored.


What is an interconnection agreement?

An interconnection agreement is a contract between the homeowner and the local utility allowing the homeowner to connect their solar electric system to the electric grid and to receive credit for their surplus electricity.


What if I move homes before the 12 or 20 year loan is finished?

The loan is completely transferable to the next homeowner.  In fact, your solar energy solution investment can raise the value of your home by 15-20%, determined by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.  


Can I sell my surplus electricity back to the electric company?

At certain hours and on certain days, homes with solar electric systems may produce more electricity than they consume. If your local utility agrees to net metering, your surplus electricity may be credited toward your bill.


What is the 30% tax credit for my residential solar system?  What is the difference between a credit and a rebate?

Unlike a tax rebate/refund, where you receive a return on the excess amount of taxes you have paid to the state/federal government in the past year, the federal government provides a solar tax credit (also known as the investment tax credit) that enables you to deduct 30% of the cost of a solar energy system from your taxes, dollar for dollar.  As a credit you take the amount directly off your tax payment, rather than as a deduction from your taxable income. To claim the credit, you must file IRS form 5695 as part of your tax return, you calculate the credit on the form, and then enter the result on your 1040. For example, if you paid $25,000 for the installation of a solar energy system, you qualify for a $7,500 tax credit.  If you were to owe $10,000 in taxes when tax season rolls around, you could apply the entire $7,500 credit and you would owe Uncle Sam the remaining $2,500. In order to qualify for this 30% tax credit, one must be actively paying taxes. Also, the credit does not apply for installations on rental properties. Anyone who installs panels on an existing home, new construction, or second residence / vacation home will be able to utilize the tax credit.


Why am I receiving different sized utility bills?  I thought my solar system payment was replacing my electricity bill?  

Beyond the mandated interconnection agreement, there are several factors that can be influencing your electric bill:  

  • System Design: Each solar system is designed based on your ANNUAL kilowatt usage, not by your individual monthly usage.  It is important to keep this in mind, especially when signing up in peak usage months and months with more volatile weather (typically Florida summers).  
  • Energy Efficiency Kit:  Did you install all your LED lights?  Smart thermostat? Enphase monitoring system? It is important to utilize your energy efficiency kit so it compliments and leverages your solar system, culminating in a whole home energy conservation “makeover.”
  • Usage Behavior:  Did the in-laws visit for a couple weeks?  Have your grandchildren been over at the house for the weekend, leaving TV’s, lights, and other appliances on? Have you added more appliances to the home or anything else that could consume more energy?  Are you primarily at home taking care of small children this year? Or maybe now you have a home office? All these variables influence your energy consumption.

Start Your Solar Savings

Our dedicated Go Solar Power installation pros have the experience needed to provide you with high quality solar power installation services you can depend on. Affordable solar solutions with attractive finance options available, coupled with our experienced, friendly team, you can depend on Go Solar Power to provide superior quality and results.
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  • Turn Key Installation

    We provide the highest quality equipment, performance guarantees, a full energy efficiency kit, our proprietary system monitoring app, and more.

  • No Payments for 6 Months

    Go Solar Oiwer is invested in growing the clean energy movement in all counties across Florida. We can cover up to the first 6 months of your solar loan payment.

  • Top Notch Customer Service

    We have a full solar concierge team to offer the best customer service in the solar industry along with a mobile application to monitor the system and submit referrals.

  • Customized Solar Design

    We utilize revolutionary software to assess a home’s solar needs based upon a client’s energy usage. This allows clients to visualize their homes powered by solar energy.

  • Solar Savings Plan

    Our solar team uses unique methodology to showcase your energy savings, expected home appreciation, environmental benefits, financing options, and more.

  • Locked In Rate

    While electric companies continue to increase their rates, you secure long-term savings by investing in sustainable energy

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Answers to Common Questions

What is the difference between the Go Solar Program App and the Enphase System Monitoring App, MyEnlighten?

The Go Solar App can be downloaded from the AppStore onto your smartphone and allows you to monitor your system performance with live updates of your daily, monthly, and lifetime solar KwH production.  One can also refer friends through the App with our referral program, earning additional $ while helping others join the Go Solar Family! The Enphase Monitoring system’s app is called MyEnlighten and provides a much more in depth look at the production of individual panels, real time updates of how the weather is impacting production, and many other functions to better understand your energy consumption and system production.  Please refer to the “Five Things to Know – Your Enphase Monitoring System” document in your welcome pack for more information.

Does my system work on a cloudy day?

Yes, but the production will be affected by the density of the cloud coverage. As a general rule of thumb for cloudy days, the solar system will produce 25-45% of the output it would generate on ideal conditions.

Can a squirrel, bird, racoon, or any other wildlife chew through the wires or tamper with the system?

Go Solar Program has  installed over 100,000 residential solar systems and have only seen this occur once, so yes, it can happen! Go Solar Program is not responsible for structural damage to the roof or home by wildlife tampering with the system, yet all equipment is insuranced in accordance with the product manufacturer’s warranty.

What are common safety tips?

Do not touch or disturb wiring, or attempt to repair, disassemble, or remove any part of the system.  Doing so could expose you to dangerous electrical currents and void manufacturer’s warranties. Only trained and certified professionals should service the system, and keep children and pets away from the inverter and panels.

How do I know if my home is Solar Ready?

Go Solar Power’s expert Solar Specialist will provide a complimentary consultation to see if your home is a fit for one of our $0 upfront Solar & Battery programs.

What kind of Service can I expect with Go Solar Power?

Once you join the Go Solar Family, our 5-Star, White=Glove Concierge Team will walk you thru our Stairway to Solar process from sale to installation.  

Am I a eligible for the Solar Simplified Program?

The 3 keys to identifying if you and your home are a match for our Solar Simplified program- Roof, Electric Bill, and a Personal Credit score of 650 or higher.

Will there be further savings and incentives?

When you move forward, you will gain access to our Sunny Savings Program with free products and incentives.

What is a Solar Ambassador?

As your system is installed and generating solar power, you may become a Solar Ambassador spreading the solar message earning money!!

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