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Frequently Asked Solar Questions

What happens if a hurricane comes and my panels fly off the roof?

That means your roof probably flies off as well!  The solar system will fall under your current Homeowners Insurance policy.

What happens if the power goes out will I have solar?

If the power goes out, then your Solar Inverter shuts down so that the utility worker does not get electrocuted.

Is there battery storage available?

Battery storage is like the plasma TV from 15 years ago.  It is expensive and does not provide the necessary power yet.  We will be rolling out a battery storage solution in 2017.

What happens if I generate solar power and I am not home?

Net Energy Metering is a law in Florida in which the utility purchases your solar power and credits you back.  Think of it as an energy bank account in which you get credited for your solar, and then debited at night..

What happens if a panel breaks?

Our solar panels have a 25 year performance warranty.  We extend the inverter warranty out to 20 years from 12 years.  Our installers have a 5 year workmanship warranty with most installers offering a 1-2 year warranty.  Our Solar Lender offers a performance warranty.

How do I monitor the system?

Inverters convert solar power from Direct Current (DC) to Alternating Current (AC).  We put a Power Optimizer on every single solar panel that allows for you, and us, to monitor each panel’s performance.  You will receive an app for your phone and on your computer to monitor the performance of every single panel.

When does my loan start?

Our finance team will review the loan agreement with you.  However, unlike other solar lenders, we do not draw on the loan.  Your solar loan does not start until the solar system is installed, generating power, and the Net Metering is in place.  The utility puts a bi-directional solar meter in place.

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