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Affordable Solar Program

Our Affordable Solar Program works to empower Floridians unable to receive the federal rebate to go solar. These clean energy packages are principally geared towards veterans and retirees. We offer the only Solar Incentive in the state of Florida by promising to pay the first 6 months of your solar loan payment.

Save Watts of Money

In the next five years, Florida is expected to install 19x the amount of solar installed in the state during the past 5 years. A snapshot of Go Solar benefits- locked in energy costs, home appreciation, and earning referral bonuses.
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Solar Simplified

From your first consultation to monitoring your system our mission is simple: to make going solar easy. We match you with the right $0 Upfront Solar Financing Solution, and the best local installer.
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Warranty Highlights

Our installers provide a turn key solar installation with a performance guarantee

After starting out in California, we’ve established ourselves in Florida to help residents capitalize on the benefits of switching to a sustainable energy source.
We specialize in creating energy packages that are both financially and environmentally beneficial by pairing your solar system with a customized Energy Efficiency Kit.
Panel Performance Warranty
Inverter Warranty
Workmanship Guarantee

The Steps To Solar

We offer the only Solar Incentive in the state of Florida by promising to pay the first 12 months of your solar loan payment. $0 upfront, $0 payments for 12 months, and making the world a better place!



One of our solar specialists will review with you your opportunity to go solar. We get you qualified, cover the nitty-gritty details, & deliver you a customized system design proposal all at your convenience.
Best part?  You get to visualize your home going solar before anyone needs to set foot on your roof.



We connect you with the best local installers to ensure an enjoyable experience going solar. Get ready- it’s all smooth sailing from here.


Become a Solar Advocate

Enjoy the freedom and reliability of your new system, guaranteed Start spreading the word on becoming an environmental steward in your community.

Download the GoSolar App now to build your referral network and earn Watts of Money!

Speak With Us Today

We educate homeowners on the value of going solar, and provide the best $0 upfront solar option to meet your needs.

Our team provides a turn key solar installation with a great solar app for your phone to monitor your solar performance and refer friends to earn $$!

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Go Green & Save Green

Turn your rising electric bill from an expense into an investment with a $0 upfront solar system.

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Reduce then Produce

We’re making waves in the Florida solar community by Reducing kWh with our customized Energy Efficiency Kit, and then Producing kWh with Solar Systems.
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Community Solar Program

Our Community Solar Program is focused on uniting our local communities in realizing their clean energy goals.
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Reach Out

We are looking forward to start a project with you!

The Go Solar team has a full office of Solar Specialists to answer your questions from 7AM-7PM EST Mondays- Saturdays.


(858) 240-5633


801 SE 6th Ave
Delray Beach, FL 33483