Replace your rising utility bill with a fixed solar payment

We are revolutionizing the solar installation process in Florida turning permits in days not months.
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Experience the Go Solar Difference!

From your first consultation to monitoring your system our mission is simple: to make going solar easy. Partner with Go Solar Power, the #1 Solar Contractor in the State of Florida.

The Steps To Solar

What They Say

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Save Green By



Reduce, Produce, Repeat

Real time monitoring access to gauge your Go Solar Power system’s energy and efficiency on both Android and iOS. Keep track of the revenue generated from referrals too.


Save Watts of Money

Go Solar Power customer core benefits: locked in energy costs, mobile monitoring,an increase value in home appreciation, and lucrative referral bonuses to start.


Making Solar Affordable

We pay the first 6 months of your solar payments with our Florida exclusive incentives. $0 Upfront Solar Financing Solution, the best local installers and our power support team to walk you through each step.

easy financing

Increase Home Value

According to a study conducted by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, solar panels can add an average $15,000 value to your home.


Big Tax Credit Savings

The Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) turns into a cash rebate equal to 30% of your system’s cost as long as you have a tax liability.


Become a Solar Ambassador

Download the GoSolar App to start earning referral $$$ by educating your community on the benefits of going solar

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Family Owned & Operated

Fully Licensed and Insured



We offer numerous financing options to meet your needs

Top 5 Misconceptions with Solar in Florida

  • Solar will work if the Power goes out

No, by law your solar inverter shuts down if the grid goes down. Don’t worry, our battery program will provide back up power for you!

  • Solar has a lousy payback

No, we only design solar systems in which you are saving money with our $0 upfront solar financing. Interest rates as low as 3.99% with nothing upfront.

  • Batteries are not available

Batteries are available as Go Solar Power offers a lithium ion battery solution to provide back up power and to provide power during peak times.

  • I will wait for the price to go down

In Florida, solar prices have dropped from $5 per watt a few years ago to $3.20 a watt today. We believe that prices have bottomed and are increasing.

  • What happens if the technology changes greatly in 5 years

Your solar system today will be customized to meet your annual electric needs. There is a 25 year performance warranty on the solar panels. Even if technology changes drastically in 5 years, your solar system will provide you with your annual energy needs.

Go Green with Go Solar Power

The Go Solar team has a full office of Solar Specialists eager to answer questions, educate homeowners and committed to providing the best solar power options available to meet your needs.