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The ever dynamic lifestyle of man continues to shape throughout the years, as resources make it possible for our visions to materialize. Water, air, and sun are elements that are harnessed by man in order to continue living. But one of the unforeseeable capacities that people often overlook in these natural resources is their obvious abundance, just like the sun. And in the city of Fort Lauderdale in Florida, this energy is what defines the day-to-day living of folks who could readily transform the sun’s rays to bring power into homes.
Putting this renewable energy into the hands of many is our Fort Lauderdale Solar Panel Company, which should transform the heart of Fort Lauderdale into an eco-conscious and self-sustaining city.



Delray Beach Solar Panels

Delray Beach Solar Roofing Panel Sales, Service and Installation
In the continuing quest for cleaner and increasingly renewable sources of energy, man has learned to harness the power of one of the most abundant and most readily available of all energy sources – the sun’s rays. And if you’re living in the city of Delray Beach, Florida and its immediate surroundings, you’d be glad to know that the tropical rainforest climate classification of the city simply means you’re in the best possible position to harness this energy from the sun to power up many of your appliances and gadgets in your modern home. At our Delray Beach Solar Panel Company, Go Solar Program, we make sure you have all the things you’ll need to harness the sun for your solar energy needs to power your home into the 22nd century.



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Go Solar is invested in growing the clean energy movement in all counties across Florida. We have a full solar concierge team to offer the best customer service in the solar industry along with a mobile application to monitor the system and submit referrals.



Solar power is an issue of sustainable and renewable lifestyle. And for the last 20 years, people have started realizing its potential that was once unspoken. Now it develops as a popular renewable energy especially to heat-stricken communities such as Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The possibilities can be infinite in this place where the sun keeps its rays at a height. In order to turn this heat into electricity, roofs are engineered with solar panels to absorb energy from the sun and store it for household use.
Roofing panels have the easiest access to this energy, and that’s why they have been customized to act as a funnel to collect the sun’s heat. Inside these panels are photovoltaic cells that when exposed to the sun activate and convert the light energy into a direct current, or DC. The supplied energy is being transformed into alternating current through the inverter box. It then carries the energy into the breaker box, where electricity will be distributed to the different appliances and fixtures in our homes.


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In its pioneer years, solar panels were challenged because of their steep price and complicated concept. However, more recently its integrated system became more conducive and adaptable for roofing purposes. But despite technological innovations, a large installation of these solar roofing panels can still cost anywhere from $10,000 to $20,000. So before committing to these roof panels, make sure to prepare financially.
Once the solar panels are fully operational, a typical residential home could slash a great amount off its electric bill. So turning to this renewable method can offer more efficient use of electricity for the future.
The great city of Fort Lauderdale offers sandy, colorful beaches and culture that appeals to tourists and people from around the world. Encompassing all of Broward County, Fort Lauderdale garnered its name, “Fort Liquordale” back in the old times, owing to its bars, nightclubs, and beaches. But what international visitors really embraced in this city is its tropical climate that caters to people searching for a place to spend their spring breaks at the heart of its arts and entertainment district.

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As of the 2010 census, the city had a staggering population of 165,521. And still, the Greater Fort Lauderdale is keeping its brand of a resort lifestyle alive with over 278 parkland campsites, 12 shopping malls, 132 nightclubs, 63 golf courses, 4,000 restaurants, 16 museums, and 100 marinas housing 45,000 resident yachts sitting in its area.

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Once you’re set on purchasing one for your office or home, you can look for Go Solar Program as your #1 solar panel company in Fort Lauderdale. Our solar panel sales, service, and installation quotes are always free.
The process of buying solar panels can be trivial because a lot of things will be considered – the place you are in, the space that would accommodate your solar panel, how much sunlight it gets, etc. But when you’re living in Fort Lauderdale, rest assured that there’s enough sunlight for you and everyone else.


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Summer in Fort Lauderdale is covered from May through October. Normally, the climate is hot and humid, although other days may bring afternoon or evening thunderstorms. So for future homeowners at Fort Lauderdale, the power of solar roofing panels could still be accessible, especially to the quality provided by our Fort Lauderdale solar panel company.
Our solar roofing panels should withstand the extreme weather, even in South Florida. Under the peak of summer or hurricane season, these panels can harness the potential of running efficient homes. As your roofing contractors, we provide excellent quality always based on consumer needs.
To achieve efficient, inexpensive energy, while producing the same energy output as commercial energy providers, is what puts our Fort Lauderdale solar panel business above all our competitors.
We are a top brand in solar roofing panels today that assures quality and service. Our company has evolved into the form of reliable renewable energy that could define the future of eco-friendly living in Fort Lauderdale. The capacity of this savings is limitless. From the moment you wake up until sun down, this city is a perfect place to enjoy the lush lifestyle. It’s tropical climate even suits homeowners that aspire a cleaner and greener way of living. Soon the next big thing in saving will be solar roofing panels.

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Living in Fort Lauderdale is like living in a tropical island paradise. There are plenty of things to do amidst exceptionally warm weather. To maximize all of the benefits of its tropical climate, you’ll need solar roofing panels to power up your modern needs.
The Go Solar team has a full office of Solar Specialists to answer your questions from 7AM-7PM EST Mondays- Saturdays.

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